jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

Deputy Secretary of State Steinberg meets with Tec de Monterrey students

Today, the Center for North American Studies had the privilege to host a Q&A session between our students from International Affairs and some graduates from EGAP and the Deputy Secretary of State, Dr. James B. Steinberg. Also visiting were Mr. Richard Verma, Assistant Secretary of State; Mr. Scott Feeley, Minister-Counselor from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico; and Mr. Nace Crawford, Consul General in Monterrey. From Tec de Monterrey, Dr. Alberto Bustani and Dra. Lucrecia Lozano welcomed our VIP guest. Dr. Steinberg answered questions about California's Proposition 19, arms traffic from the U.S. to Mexico, illegal migration as an economic/national security bilateral issue, and so on. Unfortunately, Dr. Steinberg's had to leave because he had other business to attend to, but we'll try to bring him again, this time to a bigger audience. Our students were excited for having the opportunity to ask questions about issues that matters to them. Also, they couldn't believe they could get closer to No. 2 in Department of State! Dr. Steinberg charmed them. I can say, "once a teacher, always a teacher" and he seemed to be very comfortable in our university and glad to talk to our students. Thanks to our friends at the Consulate General of the United States in Monterrey for this great experience! P.S. I will post pictures (as soon as I get them) from the event.

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